Doing Business With Us

Our wholesale business concept is based on a solid believe our customer who’s got rid of its health problems by consuming those pretty rare nutraceuticals we do import to USA, would like to share such positive experience with relatives, friends or neighbors wishing them to be healthy without pharmaceutical pills or capsules.


Such thought brought many people to the idea to become a reseller of our natural remedies at their neighborhood, county, state.


Such people have killed 3 birds by one bullet:

First, they become self-employed and financially independent by generating a decent and stable income;

Second, they continue consuming our nutraceuticals following after a disease prevention schedule and getting stock merely for free;

Third, they become their community vanguards of the idea to live sickness-free by consuming nutraceuticals daily instead of getting sick and apply to Medical Doctors and pharmaceutical prescriptions – in 99% cases – antibiotics.


 What constitutes to be a wholesaler ?

           1.           You have to get online training and learn everything about those nutraceuticals you are willing to re-sell.

  1. 2.           You have to fill and sign the application, W9. In case you are already registered business we have to have a copy of                     your state’s re-sale certificate.

  2. 3.           Your minimum order must be even to the number of units accommodating 1 sealed box or each SKU. We cannot mix                UPCs, we sell per box only.

  3. 4.           Wholesaler gets a cost regressive price list that means than more cases he/she buys from us than less price per unit                 is.

  4. 5.           Each wholesaler has its own secured account on our website and can submit orders online.

  5. 6.           Our policy is to provide wholesalers with at least 50% markup comparing to retail price, for serious wholesalers                          being  in business already such digit is about 60%-75%.

Discounted shipping

Because our wholesale prices are already discounted to the bottom we can offer with deeply discounted shipping rates or in case you have an account with well-known shippers you can send us with the prepaid shipping label saved in PDF and your Invoice is going to be free from shipping fees.


On-sale products

Check out our specials page for extra discounts on some popular nutra products.